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Printing Services

There are many printing service provider in Ahmedabad. That offer a wide range of services such as Flex Printingvinyl printing, Pamphlet Printing, Leaflet PrintingFlex printing is a popular method of printing large format banners and hoardings. Vinyl printing is often used for printing stickers and labels. Pamphlet and leaflet printing are commonly used for printing promotional materials such as brochures and flyers. Digital business card printing is a convenient option for printing professional-quality business cards quickly and efficiently. These printing services are available at various price points and can be customized to meet the specific needs and requirements of the customer.

Divya Sardar Limited is a printing service provider in Ahmedabad that offers a range of services including flex printing, vinyl printing, pamphlet printing, leaflet printing, and digital business card printing. The benefits of using Divya Sardar Limited for these printing services are numerous.

Flex printing is a cost-effective method of printing large format banners and hoardings, and Divya Sardar Limited uses high-quality inks and materials to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality.

Vinyl printing is a durable and long-lasting option for printing stickers and labels, and Divya Sardar Limited uses state-of-the-art equipment to ensure precise and accurate printing.

Pamphlet and leaflet printing are essential for promoting a business or product, and Divya Sardar Limited offers a variety of paper and design options to choose from.

Digital business card printing is a convenient and efficient way to print professional-quality business cards, and Divya Sardar Limited offers fast turnaround times and competitive pricing. Overall, Divya Sardar Limited is a reliable and trustworthy choice for all of your printing needs.

Connect with Divya Sardar Limited for your all kind of printing requirement, As We are the best best printing service provider in Ahmedabad.

Flex Banner Printing Service

We are a Divya Sardar Limited manufacturer, supplier and service provider of flex printing services in Gujarat that is highly effective and efficient.

We are a Divya Sardar Limited manufacturer, supplier and service provider of flex printing services in Gujarat  that is highly effective and efficient. We do a detailed research and make use of the mot cost effective technologies to suit the exact requirements of our prestigious customers. Moreover, we have devised a better pricing policy that makes flex printing available at market leading prices, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

We are one of the Divya Sardar Limited names of the business to bring forth Flex Printing Services that are widely demanded in the industry for excellent quality prints and standardization. Carried out with the assistance of cutting-edge technology based machinery, our feasible services are executed in accordance with the requirements of our prestigious patrons. In this economical service, quality grade ink is used.

Drive down any city road or highway and you are sure to come across huge printed hoardings. On the other hand, small banner prints displaying commercial advertisements are strung up on the electric poles, compound walls and even trees in our neighborhood. Outdoor advertising has become ubiquitous and accessible to business organizations both big and small. This is because flex printed ads are the most suitable and economical solution for this marketing vertical.

Large sized flex hoardings are extensively used by builders and property developers to advertise and inform customers about their construction projects. IT companies and cell phone service providers especially, plaster ad campaigns throughout the city to market their plans and services. Hospitals, hotels, clothing stores, white goods sellers and in fact just about every type of business can announce their presence from a large, attention grabbing hoarding, near their place of operations.

Hoardings are typically very large with 20 feet width X 30 feet height being a standard size in Ahmedabad City. Moreover, you need to lease hoarding space (the huge metal structure on which the print gets erected), from ad agencies. But small businesses may have a limited ad budget which may not extend to large sized hoardings. In this case, they conduct their outdoor ads on a smaller format, flex printed banner. These four feet to ten feet large outdoor banner prints can then be strung up from walls or trees in their immediate neighborhood.

Characteristics of an Outdoor Print

Prints for outdoor advertising, by virtue of their end application need to satisfy the following conditions.

  • Weather Resistance: The prints need to be waterproof. The inks should not run when exposed to the rains. Also the images should not fade when exposed to harsh sunlight.
  • Strength: The print material should be strong enough to withstand the vagaries of the weather. By this I mean, that a gust of wind should not tear the flex media apart.
  • Cost Price: Finally, outdoor prints are generally very large in size. Outdoor banner prints can go upto 8 – 10 feet in size. And hoardings are downright humongous. So the per unit cost of these prints needs to be affordable.
  • Quality vs Cost: Banners hanging from a tree or an electric pole are generally not viewed up close. Hoardings on the sides of roads and highways are seen from hundreds of feet away. Moreover, these outdoor advertisements are given a fleeting glance from a moving vehicle. So outdoor prints need not be of an extremely high resolution.

A low or medium resolution print costs significantly less than, let us say photoprint with a lot of detailing. And anyways the human eye is not going to be able to register a slight coarseness in quality from long distances. So outdoor prints generally trade off a little bit of resolution, in favour of costs.

What Is a Frontlit Flex Print?

Most outdoor prints are made of a material called ‘Solvent Printed Frontlit Flex’. And if this is a mouthful, don’t worry. I’ll just break it down for you.

Material: Flex is a printable plastic roll. The media comes in huge rolls varying in size from 3 to 10 feet. This plastic material is specially coated on the top to receive inkjet inks. Also, the plastic sheet is reinforced from beneath by a cloth like liner. This liner is very much like the cloth lined, premium envelopes, we see in stationery stores. The coated front surface of the flex roll can be imprinted with high resolution images on huge wide format printing machines. And the back, clothlined layer of the flex media, strengthens the print and prevents it from tearing up. Large sized hoardings are now able to withstand the strong winds in open spaces.

Light Source: Hoardings and outdoor banners are frequently called ‘frontlit flex prints’. This means that the sun is their source of light. This frontlit property works in favour of flex prints, put up in open areas. This is because these areas receive a lot of sunshine, for most of the Indian day. Some hoarding structures are also equipped with external sources like flood lights and huge arc lights. Keep in mind that while frontlit flex printing is extremely economical, these are not suitable for night time visibility.

Inks Used for Reproducing Outdoor Prints: Solvent inks are a type of inks used by commercial wide format inkjet printers. These inks are extremely robust, in the sense that they are able to withstand harsh elemental conditions. Hence solvent printed images will not fade in rain, sunlight, dust, scratches, etc. for months, if not years together.

This combination of weather resistant images and a media that can withstand strong winds, makes solvent flex the most suitable product for outdoor advertising applications.

Types of Solvent Flex Prints Available at Divya Sardar Limited

At Divya Sardar Limited, we have three different frontlit flex printing options available for different use-cases.

1. Frontlit Flex: This is the entry level flex print used for short run ad campaigns. The material is a 280 gsm thin media. While the media is not very thick, it is strong enough for hoardings and small banner prints. Images are generally reproduced on a medium resolution on regular frontlit flex. The main USP of this product is its low cost. Frontlit flex is ideal for outdoor advertisements which need to be put up for a couple of months. The inks may start showing signs of fading in the sunlight, after this duration.

2. Star Flex: Star flex prints are the option chosen by most of our customers for their outdoor prints. ‘Star’ is actually a brand of premium flex media. At 340 gsm, it is much thicker than regular flex. This means that the material is stronger and will last much longer in an outdoor environment. More importantly, Star flex has a superior coating on its front surface. This enables us to produce high resolution images on it. And the colors of the same look extremely vibrant.

This longer life of the print and better image reproduction makes Star flex ideal for hoardings which need to stay up for more than a couple of months. Outdoor banners with high resolution images and detailed pictures also come out very well when printed on Star flex.

3. Black-back Flex: This flex media addresses a problem peculiar to outdoor hoardings. Many a times, the sun comes up from behind hoardings which are put up in open spaces. The sunlight then shines through the print media. This light, leaking from the behind the white colored frontlit flex, makes it difficult to view the print on the front. A similar effect is seen when you hold up a printed page to the tubelight. The letters become obscured when the light shines through.
To overcome this problem we have a media called ‘black back’ flex. As the name suggests, the back side of the flex media is painted with a black color. And this black coating stops back light from shining through. Black-back flex prints are typically very vibrant and great to look at.

Stretch ability – An Important Characteristic of Flex Prints

Flex media can be stretched. And this property is important. Flex prints may not stretch as much as an elastic band, but are nevertheless pliable for a few millimeters. This stretch ability gains significance when flex prints have to be mounted on a frame. Most small banner prints hang loose and flap in the wind. But large prints especially, need to be mounted on a metal structure. Frontlit and backlit flex also goes into the manufacturing of entry level shop boards. Here the media needs to be pasted on a metal frame.

And since flex media is pliable, we can tightly stretch the same on a metal frame. The end effect is like that of a well made flat looking bed or an animal skin stretched tightly on a drum. A flex print mounted on a frame can now look extremely taut and flat. Although the media is loose and very much like a bale of cloth, the framed print has the finish of a smooth and solid wall.

Finishing Options for Flex Banners and Hoardings

Frontlit flex prints are handed over to customers in a roll form. They then string them as banners or use glue to paste them on frames, as explained in the paragraph above. But we also provide two finishing for the printed product, to make the installation at your end, simpler.

1. Eyelets for Banners: Loose banners need to be hung up from nails in a wall, or poles on the street. So we provide eyelets / grommets on the corners of the printed banner. These metallic eyelets create a tiny, but neat hole on the edge of the print. They now act as an eye through which you can pull a string / rope. Tying the outdoor banner print in place now becomes very easy.

2. Edge Pocketing for Hoardings: Small eyelets won’t work for large hoardings. So here, we loop in the side edges of the print and paste it on the back side. Remember how we used to cover our school books in brown paper? This process is somewhat similar. The extra paper of the brown cover was folded back, inside the thick cardboard cover of the book. Similarly we fold back about three inches of the flex material, on all four sides. We then paste only the last one inch. This creates a hollow tunnel like space of about 2 inches on all four sides of the hoarding.

At the time of mounting, the fitters push ten feet long iron rods through this hollow space and tightly pull the rods (along with the looped flex) over the edge of the hoarding structure. When the hoarding is stretched sufficiently tightly from all sides, the print looks like a flat and finished wall.

Metal Framed Flex Prints – With and Without Lights

The product described on this page is a simple, loose print on flex media. Customers source this print from us and install it at their end, as they see fit. But we also have options where the print is mounted on a metal frame, for you. These printed frames are again available in two varieties, lit and non-lit. Here is a brief description of the same.

  1. Backlit Glow Sign Board : Backlit prints, as the name suggests, are lit from within. We fabricate a metal box of 6 inches depth. Bright fluorescent tube lights are placed inside the box. Finally a specialized flex media, which allows light to pass through, is stretched on top of the box. The end effect is a brightly lit print, which glows and instantly attracts viewers. Please jump to this page for more details on backlit glow sign boards.
  2. Frontlit Flex Metal Board : Here the flex is stretched on a simple metal frame. The frame is pretty sturdy and fabricated from a 0.5 inch thick metal pipe. It has no depth. Nor is the print lit from within. But this solution works well for entry level advertisements and shop boards on a tight budget.

Vinyl Printing Service

Our endeavor is enjoyed giving a wide arrangement of Vinyl Printing.

Our endeavor is enjoyed giving a wide arrangement of Vinyl Printing. This administration is utilized to advance organization logos, occasions or any school or school ventures. Our administrations are bestowed such that give enduring impacts on the brain of our customers. With the utilization of most recent advanced innovation, we can accomplish our set objectives in a target way in most ideal ways.


Vinyl banners have many uses ranging from to promote a company’s logo, special promotion activity, events, wall stickers, display banners, Vinyl Decal, Vinyl Sticker Printing.


Vinyl is a very flexible, non-terrible as well as portable material. There are two types of Vinyl available in the market, matte vinyl and glossy vinyl.

One Way Vision Printing Service

One way vision as name implies is a self adhesive banner film of vinyl material which allows vision from one side and block the same from other side. Thanks to growing number of malls, glass facade buildings, shopping center and complexes we see them lot in number. Purpose of these film is to make glass window not just a source to hide inside view, but also act as a great advertising tool. As hiding inside view can also be accomplished with the help of glass frame which are called one way glass panel.

Benefits of one way vision films

  • Excellent marketing and advertising tool
  • Widely used in moving vehicles like bus, cars etc
  • Hide the office interior day to day activity
  • Durability and long life
  • Increase life of glass frame
  • Can be pasted on normal glass frame no need to buy expensive one way vision glass frame

Sunboard / Foam Sheet Prints

Marketing, to a great extent, is all about putting your best foot forward. To convince your clients, you have to present an enticing picture – of your brand, your products, and even yourself.

At Divya Sardar LImited, we have many excellent products to help communicate your business offerings and products. And one of our best selling solutions is printed foam sheets. This product is also popularly called sunboard / foam board prints.

What Is A Printed Sunboard?

A printed sunboard is essentially a poster that is thick, rigid, flat, very smooth and extremely light in weight.

Large-sized posters are manufactured in print-houses on huge, wide-format machines. These wide-format printers reproduce images on giant rolls of paper or plastic (printable vinyl). But both paper and plastic are flexible. Vinyl prints are generated in a roll form and have no rigidity or intrinsic strength.

You need something to ‘solidify’ the print and give it a better finish. Imagine pasting a loose sheet of paper in a high-end shopping mall. It is going to look pretty shabby.

To resolve this issue, we mount the printed vinyl poster on a thick and rigid PVC sheet. The industrial term for this sheet is a low-density polystyrene board.

But don’t let this term scare you. A foam board is nothing but a rigid sheet of plastic with a smooth surface that enables high-quality image reproduction.

As a buyer, you should be aware of the following characteristics of our printed sunboard sheet.

Vinyl Sunboards Are Thick

Sun board sheets are thick. Plastic, as we all know, can also be moulded into very smooth and flat sheets. And manufacturers supply sun board sheets in a variety of thicknesses ranging from one mm to a full inch.

The print industry regularly uses sheets of 3, 5 mm thickness to manufacture images. But at Divya Sardar Limited, we can provide prints on sun board sheets of 10, 15 and even 25 mm consistency.

  • Thick rigid and smooth sun board poster prints
  • Light in weight, and on the pocket
  • Impressive photo quality prints on 3 mm and 5 mm thick PVC sheets
  • Perfect for displaying product images, model pics, charts and photographs
  • Used for branding in malls, retail stores, offices, hospitals, restaurants, etc.
  • Shipping facility available in Ahmedabad. We can also ship bulk orders of this product across the country.
  • Stunning sun board prints starting from ₹70 per square foot

GlowSign Boards / Backlit Board

Get a glow sing board built of premium grade material and advanced methodologies to ensure more customer engagement with the brand. We understand your varied business needs, and try to match them with various types of material that suits your business the best.

For example, you would know that your target audience is travelers using the highways but we could help you with the shape of the glow signboard, the design, and patterns that are most likely to catch their eye. With the glow sign boards manufacturers in Gujarat like Divya Sardar Limited, you get glow boards that are tough, weather-resistant, and built with material that offers maximum reflection properties. These low-maintenance marketing materials have proven to be a way better alternative to expensive business marketing choices. They work best for the businesses such as hotels, multiplexes, restaurants, etc., where you need to grab customer attention.

Our single-minded focus on our clients enables us to come up with customized solutions suiting their requirements and making us the leading glow sign board manufacturers in Gujarat.

Fill Foam and Send Detail as per your Requirment

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